Fishing Trips


We offer 4 to 12 hour trips of either trolling or bottom fishing. No fishing license is required as we maintain a special license for all passengers. Just bring your cooler stocked with your favorite food and beverages.


Trolling / Sport Fishing

When trolling the boat moves slowly through the water with 4 lines of various lengths astern. The deckhand sets the length on the lines, baits the hook, and lands the fish as they are reeled into the boat by the anglers. An experienced deckhand will vary the lures and the length of the lines, change the size of the weights, and make any other adjustments to improve the customers' chances of landing the big one. Trolling technique varies depending on the targeted species.


King Mackerel
When fishing for King Mackerel, an exciting game fish, we will troll across artificial reefs, wrecks, and natural rock and coral bottom using either live bait or frozen minnows.  Most fishing spots are within 5 miles of shore.
However, if we are fishing for Spanish Mackerel, we may have our best luck within a few yards of shore or, at times, within the harbor.
Spanish Mackerel

Bottom Fishing


Our specialty is 10 to 12 hour bottom fishing trips.  We normally finish 20 to 35 miles offshore over artificial reefs, wrecks, or natural rock or coral bottom.  Lines are dropped to the bottom with a weight attached thus the name "bottom fishing".  At times, upon advice from the crew, anglers will fish their lines suspended in the water column for a specific species.  Species targeted include Red Snapper, Black and Red Grouper, Amberjack, and King Mackerel.



Red Snapper

Black Grouper

Red Grouper


We also catch Tuna, Shark, Cobia, Black, White and Vermillion Snapper, Dolphin (Maui Maui), Scamp, Bluefish, Banded Rudderfish, Spanish Mackerel, and other species in varying amounts on any given trip.



Sand Shark


Gray Snapper

Vermillion Snapper

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)



Banded Rudderfish

We use live bait when available and fresh and frozen bait as needed.  We can accommodate up to 14 fisherman per trip while bottom fishing.  We make NO EXCUSES on a 10 to 12 hour fishing trip!